My fees are usually at the minimum amounts as per the Ordinance of the Supreme Bar Council on the minimum amounts of attorney fees and do not exceed the specified therein minimum amounts for the respective types of services. You may find in the table below the fees for some of the more frequently requested and provided services (fees are in BGN).

Registration of a Sole Proprietor 75
Registration of a single-person Limited Liability Company 100
Registration of a Limited Liability Company 150
Registration of a Joint-Stock Company 600
Registration of a trade representation office with the BCCI 700
Entering changes into the Commercial Register (changes in the management, change of the address of management, change of the company name and scope of activity, etc.) 100
Drafting and filing with the Commercial Register of documents for Publication of annual financial statements 50
Opening of a branch of a company 100
Transfer of shares in the capital of a Limited Liability Company and other changes in the shareholding (insofar as the material interest of the transaction does not exceed BGN 5,000) 150
Transfer of a commercial enterprise (insofar as the material interest of the transaction does not exceed BGN 5,000); Acquisition of the enterprise of a Sole Proprietor by its heirs 150
Increasing the registered capital of a company (unless the increase is through making an in-kind contribution, in which case the fee would be higher) 100
Reduction of the registered capital of a company 150
Transformation of a company by change of the legal form 600
Transformation of companies by take-over (merger through absorption) or other forms (merger through consolidation, splitting, spinning off) 900
Deletion of a Sole Proprietor from the Commercial Register 100
Dissolution and liquidation of a Limited Liability Company 400
Registration for carrying out employment mediation activity 300
Registration for carrying out activity as a tour operator and/or a travel agent 400
Registration in the Central Professional Register of Builders 600

It is important that you pay special attention to the fact that the information in the table above does not have the character of an offer, nor of a public invitation/offer and it is not legally binding. It is for information and reference purposes only.

I reserve the right to negotiate a different amount of the fee for each separate case. Such amount may be higher or lower depending on the particular circumstances – for example, it would be higher if the client needs the documents to be prepared in a bilingual form or if the company is a public one (or if there are other similar special circumstances); it could be lower, for example, where clients request electronic services (where assistance is usually more limited in scope) or request several services together (for example, registration of a company in both the Commercial Register and the Register of tour operators and travel agencies).

If you’d like to receive a quote or additional information on the due fee for a service not listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, including via Viber or Skype (see below or visit the Contact page).