If you have a business idea and plan to implement it, then in order to be able to carry out commercial activity you will need to open a company. Registration procedure takes place before the Commercial Register – you can prepare and submit the necessary documents either personally or through engaging the services of a lawyer. If you need help, I am at your service – please, read on to find out detailed information about the offered legal service.

Quick Facts about the Service

You may find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the company registration service:

My fee for registration of a Sole Proprietor is in the amount of 75 Levs and the one for registration of a single-person LLC – 100 Levs. These are the two most popular and preferred forms for carrying on business, but there are other types of companies as well – information about the fee for their registration may be found on page Fees.
The state fee for registration of a Sole Proprietor is in the amount of 15 Levs and the costs for registration of a single-person LLC (state, bank and notary fees) are in the total amount of approximately 80 Levs.
Registration is usually entered within 1 business day from filing the respective application with the Commercial Register. If the client is readily available, the entire procedure from requesting the service to the registration of the company could be completed within 2 business days.
Yes, you can request the service either at a personal meeting in my office or remotely (at a distance) – via phone or email. The service in terms of the most common company forms can be also requested online (via the Internet) – through the Request an Electronic Service page.
In the process of requesting the service you will be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire about the name of the company, address, etc. (when requesting the service via phone, such information will be provided during the conversation). You will also need to provide identification documents for the respective persons (photos or scanned copies of such documents are to be provided in the case of remote registrations).
The service covers full assistance with the process of company registration: drafting the necessary documentation; accompanying the client to a bank and to a notary public; providing full instructions for signing and preparation of the documentation (in the case of remote registrations); filing the documents with the Commercial Register. Clients could also benefit from the opportunity to receive additional assistance – in the form of a preliminary consultation, in obtaining a company stamp, in receiving a certificate of good standing, etc.

If you need additional information, please read on to find out more – both general information and links to detailed content on numerous aspects of the registration procedures relating to the different types of companies and other legal entities.

General Information

The registration procedure takes place before the Commercial Register. In the case of companies the entry into the Commercial Register is just one of the several stages of the entire incorporation process. The latter also includes conclusion of Articles of Association (adoption of By-Laws or other depending on the company type), as well as election of persons to manage and represent the company. In the case of companies with share capital payment of the subscribed shares should also be effected prior to filing for registration.

A set of documents is to be prepared for the purposes of the registration and depending on the type of the company some additional steps are also to be taken, such as payment of the capital via an accumulation bank account (unless shareholders are making in-kind contributions), notarization of some of the documents (for example, the Articles of Partnership in the case of a General Partnership or the consent of the director in the case of an LLC), payment of the state fee due for the registration, etc.

A standard form application (of Group A: Application forms for initial registration, re-registration and change in basic circumstances) along with the prepared documents enclosed thereto needs to be filed with the Commercial Register for the purposes of the registration. The application may be filed either on paper or electronically (via the Internet) by being signed with an electronic signature – including by a lawyer authorized for such purpose.

Registration Procedures

There are many specifics in the procedures relating to the registration of the different types of companies and that is the reason why such procedures have been explained in detail and developed in separate articles – part of the Info Center section of the website. Each article contains detailed information on the stages of implementation of the respective procedure along with complete lists of all necessary documents and applicable costs.

You may find in the right section of the page under Related Procedures a list of all articles published so far in the category of the service described herein, namely: the procedures for registration of a Sole Proprietor, a (single-person) Limited Liability Company, a Joint-Stock Company and a trade representation office with the BCCI.

The above mentioned companies are among the most frequently requested for registration ones, but I have experience and can fully assist you with the registration of any other types of companies and legal entities as well, such as variable capital companies, general partnerships, cooperatives, associations and foundations conducting additional business activity, etc.

Questions and Answers

Although the articles contain detailed information, there are still many specific elements of the registration procedures that might remain out of their scope. That is the reason why the website has been designed to allow online discussion of the published articles and posting questions to them – thus aiming to help clarify the respective topics through exchange of information and opinions on related matters of interest to the users.

You may find in the right section of the page under Related Questions a list of the latest questions published in the “Registration of Companies” category. If you would like to see all questions, please visit the Questions and Answers page and use the available web form to filter the results by the respective category.

Still not finding the information you need?

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