Clients and visitors being well informed is of primary importance to me (Work Principles). Driven by such understanding I have developed and I am constantly updating this section of the website – called “Info Center” as its primary goal suggests.

My goal is to turn the website into a highly useful source of information and the Info Center is the online tool to be used for achieving such objective. In this section I will publish useful materials and legal news (Procedures, News), as well as individual analyses and opinions on debatable issues from the theory and practice in the field of corporate and company law (Blog).

For ensuring maximum useful effect I have provided online functionality that allows the sending and publication of questions and comments to each of the articles – for online discussion and clarification of the respective topics.

You may find below a web form that allows browsing the articles published in the Info Center by their category. It is a convenient way for visitors to find their topic of interest and to ask a question or send a comment by using the web form at the end of the respective page.

For finding an article (topic) of interest you may also use the search form (in the upper right corner of the website) or visit the Search page and use the respective keywords as per your preference.