I provide legal services to a wide range of business clients. The latter include family companies and sole proprietors, as well as large commercial companies. My clients carry out business activity in various fields of economy: eCommerce, tourism, construction, transport, etc.

An important focus of my practice is the provision of legal services to foreign persons and companies willing to enter the Bulgarian market by carrying out their business activity on the territory of the country. I have had the occasion to assist foreign persons from Spain, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Romania, Greece, UK, etc. I speak excellent English and that allows me to draft corporate documentation in a bilingual Bulgarian-English form which is of great help to foreign clients.

Another important focus of my practice is the provision of legal services to start-up companies and business entrepreneurs willing to start and develop economic activity, including in innovative fields like internet and computer technologies. My fees in most cases are at the minimum amounts provided for in Ordinance No. 1 of 09.07.2004 on the minimum amounts of attorney fees and do not overburden the sometimes very limited budgets of start-up companies. Start-up companies also benefit from the legal assistance I provide for obtaining the various licenses, permits or registration certificates that might be required for the lawful conduction of their respective business activity (Licenses and Registrations).