I am guided in the course of my work by the following main principles: high level of professional expertise; client care and maximum protection of clients’ interests; individual approach and trust. I seek to apply the following more particular rules of working with clients:

Client Awareness

Prior to retaining legal services clients usually need to learn more about both their legal issue of interest and their relationship with the respective lawyer. Such understanding has been fully taken into account when developing this website – in sections Procedures and News I will publish useful and current information on matters in the area of corporate law; functionality has also been provided allowing online discussion of questions in the form of comments under the respective topics. Detailed information about the offered services has been published on the website and clients have a variety of options for contacting me, including via Viber or Skype, in order to receive more information on the specific terms relating to the provision of the respective services.


Relationships with clients with regard to the assignment and performance of a legal service are governed by a written contract containing all essential conditions, including the amount of the due fee and the time period for completion. Contracts relating to Electronic Services are concluded in accordance with the website’s Terms of Use.

Fees and costs

Fees due by clients are usually payable upon completion of the assigned work, but in the absence of established relations or at the discretion of the lawyer, clients will owe an advance payment of 50% of the fee due. Information on the approximate amount of the various Fees is published on the website. All necessary funds for state fees and other costs are to be provided in advance or paid directly by the clients.

Time periods

I seek to assist my clients in due time and within the deadlines as per their needs. However, I reserve the right to refuse to accept the assignment of work in cases where the expediency may be at the expense of the quality of the attorney services. Time periods for completion in each individual case will be determined explicitly in the contract between the parties.

Keeping clients up-to-date

My goal is to be available for my clients at all times, as well as to respond promptly to their inquiries regarding the status of their legal matters and our joint work. A special functionality allowing 24/7 real-time online checking of the status and progress of requested electronic services is also available on the website.