All companies in the course of their business need legal assistance - not only with regard to the various procedures related to filings with the Commercial Register, but also when dealing with the state authorities and institutions, for drafting various civil and commercial contracts, with regard to employment relations, etc.

As an integral part of my activity as a lawyer practicing in the field of corporate law I also offer complex legal services to companies and other businesses. In that regard I also offer legal assistance on matters falling under other areas of law, such as commercial, contract, tax and employment law. You may find below information on some of the issues and matters that I have had so far the occasion to work on and assist my clients with.

Commercial and contract law: litigation representation and defense in debt recovery cases and cases arising out of other forms of non-performance, contesting before the Supreme Administrative Court of subdelegated legislation acts, representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition with regard to matters falling under competition law, appealing penal decrees of the Commission for Consumer Protection, drafting various types of contracts, general terms of use, etc.

Tax law: administrative and judicial appeal of tax audit acts, representation before the National Revenue Agency with regard to public enforcement proceedings, appealing penal decrees of the NRA, consultations in relation to the VAT regime of electronic services and supplies of software, tax effects of transactions for transfer of company shares, mergers, etc.

Employment and social security law: filing compensation lawsuits against employees, defense in cases for revocation of disciplinary and other dismissals, as well as in cases based on remuneration or compensation claims, appealing penal decrees of the General Labour Inspectorate, drafting documentation for termination of employment relationships, consultations in relation to protection against dismissal, internal restructuring and reorganization procedures, etc.

In connection with the offering of complex legal services I also provide companies and businesses with the opportunity to enter into a contract for subscribed legal services. When entering into such contract companies will receive ongoing legal assistance and will be assisted with priority and without any additional formal requests and arrangements being necessary.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, including via Viber or Skype - see the information below or visit the Contact page and send me a message through the web form thereon.