Welcome to my new website!

I understand the immense importance of the new technologies in our lives and that is why I decided to provide you with one more way to contact me and to find out more information about my law practice - both about the legal services I offer and about matters and topics in the field of corporate and company law.

Among the main objectives of the website is to provide also an alternative and easily accessible option for receiving some of the most frequent services in the field of corporate law. You may request and receive entirely online via the Electronic Services page assistance with the registration of a company, entering of company changes and sale of shares in the capital.

As a private practice lawyer in Sofia I specialize in the field of corporate and commercial law. My practice is focused mostly on providing legal services to companies located in Sofia but also in other cities of the country.

The most frequently provided services in relation to the implementation of procedures in the Commercial Register are presented and described in detail on the website but in addition to such services I also offer assistance in various other cases pertaining to commercial law matters and requiring special attention and individual approach.

The content and structure of the website are organized around the offered attorney services as the main objective of the provided information and communication resources is to turn the website into a highly useful source of information, thus enabling better awareness and informed decision-making.

I will publish useful and current information in the Procedures and News sections of the website, as well as individual analyses and opinions on debatable issues from the theory and practice in the field of corporate and commercial law - in the legal Blog section. An additional functionality allowing the publication of questions and comments for discussing and clarifying the respective articles has also been made available.

I hope that the website will help you find the information you need. I will be glad to assist you with the legal aspects of your business projects and ideas - please, don’t hesitate to contact me, I am at your service!

Deyan Sotirov
Attorney at Law
Sofia, Bulgaria