Scope and General Provisions

These general terms of use (“General Terms”) govern the terms and conditions of provision of services (“Services”) to the users of the website (“Website”) through enabling access to and usage of its resources.

The Website is property of Deyan Sotirov, Attorney at Law (“Administrator”) – member of the Sofia Bar Association (Personal No. 1300498210 – for verification: Bulgarian Bar Registers); address of the law office: Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, 5 Triaditsa Str., entrance B, floor 3, Office 313; telephone: +359 (0) 2 944 05 57; mobile/Viber: +359 (0) 899 45 03 43; email:

A user is any person who visits and uses the Website (“User”).



The Website is a web platform used by the Administrator to provide information on his legal practice and services, as well as information relating to issues and matters in the area of corporate, company and commercial law.

The Services provided to Users through the Website include access to the platform’s information resources and its technical functionalities – for making inquiries about presented legal services (through the Electronic Services section or the contact web form) or about published articles (through the Questions and Answers section).

The Services are free for the Users of the Website. For avoidance of any doubt, the Services do not include any of the legal services provided by Attorney Sotirov – the latter are not free of charge and should be paid for in accordance with the agreed terms (including where the legal services are requested through the Electronic Services section).

Electronic Services

Users are provided with the possibility of using the Electronic Services to make inquiries (send requests) with regard to certain legal services offered by Attorney Sotirov. Requests are not legally binding and do not constitute an offer, nor acceptance of such; sending requests does not create legal relationship with regard to the legal services subject to the request – such may be created only where Attorney Sotirov sends a positive reply along with an offer on the terms and conditions for provision of the requested legal service and the respective Users accept such offer.

Users may accept the offer that they have been sent either explicitly (via email, by phone, etc.), or through directly paying the due attorney fee for the respective legal service. Unless specified otherwise, Users will have a deadline of 5 business days to accept the respective offer (commencing from the receipt of such offer).

Relations between the parties are governed by the contractual arrangements they have entered into in accordance with the offered and accepted terms and conditions.

Users will be replied to with regard to their requests via email without delay, usually by the end of the business day following the day of receiving the respective request – notwithstanding the said time limits, Attorney Sotirov does not guarantee in any way, nor undertakes any obligation for replying within any deadlines. Replies may be negative where the requested work can not be undertaken (due to temporary high workload, the request falling outside the areas of practice, etc.).

Upon sending their requests Users must duly fill in the mandatory fields of the respective web forms, by providing true, complete and accurate information. Such obligation will also apply in situations where the necessary information is provided additionally (via email, by phone, etc.) – for example, in the process of requesting the Drafting of Documents electronic service.

Requesting the Commercial Register electronic service requires verification of the identity of the respective User – to be carried out by presenting a scanned copy (picture) of an ID card, passport or other similar document. Failure to present an ID will be an obstacle to filing the respective documents with the Commercial Register (by Attorney Sotirov as an authorized representative) but not to their drafting (insofar as Users agree to such limitation of the service).

Questions and Answers

The Website is provided with functionality for online discussion of the published topics by posting questions to the respective articles. Questions may be posted through using the respective web form; they will be published on the Website and thus made publicly accessible to all of its Users.

Questions (comments) will be published upon approval of the Administrator. The latter reserves the right to approve for publication only questions which, at his sole discretion, would contribute to the better understanding of the respective topic.

Posting a question in the form of a comment to a given article does not in any way guarantee an answer, nor puts the Administrator under the obligation to publish an answer within any time limits.

Duplicate questions and questions which in their essence are a request for a legal consultation (advice) will not be published and answered. Questions are published in a textual form, in Bulgarian and/or English language, as well as in a way that allows their easy perception (reading) by the Users. Questions must not contain prohibited content as per the restrictions set out in Section 5 here below.

The Administrator reserves the right to move questions which, at his sole discretion, would be more suitable for clarifying another topic (article). Users will be notified via email of such change, along with the respective URL address. The Administrator also reserves the right to formulate/change, at his own discretion, the title of the questions in a way that better indicates their content and, respectively, helps Users to easier and faster navigate through the Website and find useful information.

General Rights and Obligations

The Administrator provides the Services subject to strict compliance by the Users with the clauses of the General Terms. Users receive a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Services solely for personal (non-commercial) purposes.

When using the Website and the Services Users are obligated: to observe the Bulgarian legislation and the applicable international laws, the clauses of the General Terms, the rules of ethics and good morals; not to impair or impede the availability, reliability and quality of the Services; not to use any remote control systems and technical means and methods for loading and publishing unwanted content.

When using the Services Users are also obligated not to publish and/or transmit content which: calls to committing crimes or violence against the person; violates the rights, legitimate interests and reputation of other persons, including their intellectual property rights; contravenes the commonly accepted ethics rules and good morals; reveals personal data of third persons, trade or official secrets or other confidential information; contains advertising.

The Administrator has the right: to stop the provision of the Services at any time without the need to give reasons for that, including, but not limited to, in the event of updates, upgrades or maintenance; to terminate the provision of the Services without the need to give reasons for that – at any time and without prior notice.

By accepting the General Terms Users give their explicit consent to receive from the Administrator messages in electronic form to the electronic (email) addresses provided by them.


The Administrator does not have the objective ability to monitor the websites and resources accessible through electronic links that have been published on the Website. Moreover, the Administrator is not under any legal obligation to monitor the information which he stores, transmits or makes accessible in the process of providing services for the information society, nor to seek facts and circumstances indicative of illegal activity being carried out. The Administrator does not bear any liability for suffered damages and losses resulting from the use of content that has been provided by the Users of the Website or content accessible through electronic links that have been published on the Website.

Users acknowledge that using the Services is entirely at their own risk and that Attorney Sotirov does not in any way guarantee and does not bear any liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information published on the Website and contained in the Info Center articles in particular (as well as in the answers to the questions posted to such articles). Nevertheless, Attorney Sotirov seeks, but is not under the obligation, to update the published articles with regard to adopted legislation amendments and/or to refer Users to the respective sources relating to such amendments; the answers to the questions posted to the respective articles will not be updated with regard to adopted legislation amendments.

The content of the Website is provided for information and discussion purposes only and should not be interpreted as a legal advice on any matter whatsoever. Answers published on the Website should not be interpreted as a legal advice based on specific and exhaustive facts and information on a particular legal matter.

The Website does not constitute advertising within the meaning of the Bar Act and the Code of Ethics for Attorneys-at-law and has not been developed for such purposes.

Intellectual Property

Copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights over materials and files contained on the Website belong to the Administrator and are under the protection of existing national and international laws in the area of intellectual property. By using the Website and the Services Users do not acquire any intellectual property rights over such materials and resources.

Copying of texts and materials or other reproduction in any form or by any means, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior explicit permission. Where such permission is given, placing a link back to the respective page of the Website is required.

Users declare that they are the owner or have obtained the necessary consent of the owner of all and any materials that they publish on the Website. By virtue of the General Terms Users grant to the Administrator a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and gratuitous right to use all materials that they publish on the Website.

The Website is aimed at ensuring maximum useful effect, which is why its content is also available in English translation. In connection with such purposes and for avoidance of any doubt, by accepting the General Terms Users give their explicit consent to the Administrator to freely translate their texts from English to Bulgarian and vice versa, as well as to publish such translations on the Website.


The newsletter of the Website is delivered free of charge – only to Users who have explicitly expressed their willingness to subscribe to the newsletter. The Website does not employ any unfair and illegal schemes for sending out unsolicited commercial communications (SPAM). Users are also provided with an option to unsubscribe.

Personal Data

Information on the processing of personal data may be found in the Privacy Notice which is an integral part of the General Terms.

Other Provisions

The General Terms and the content of the Website are accessible to the Users in both Bulgarian and English. Should any discrepancies between the Bulgarian and English versions occur, the Bulgarian text will prevail.

The Administrator has the right to amend the General Terms at any time by publishing a new version of the document and indicating the date of the respective amendment and the date of its entering into force (if different from the date of the amendment).

Bulgarian law will govern the relations between the Users and the Administrator with regard to the use of the Website and the Services. Any disputes which can not be resolved in a friendly manner will be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court of law.

The nullity of any clause of the General Terms will not lead to the nullity of another clause or the General Terms as a whole.

The General Terms have been adopted and entered into force on 02.04.2018.