Articles with useful from practical standpoint content will be published in this Procedures section of the website. Articles will be organized in accordance with the services presented on the website and will contain specific and detailed information on the various procedures before the Commercial Register and the other state authorities – falling within the thematic scope of the respective services.

For example, an article on the procedure for registration of a limited liability company in the Commercial Register will be published in this section providing more detailed information on the Registration of Companies service in the particular instance of an LLC registration – detailed description of the necessary documents, costs, steps, time limits, etc., required for the successful implementation of the respective procedure.

A list of all procedures published on the website (with the option to browse by their category) may be found further below on the page.

The objective of the published information resources is to enable better awareness and informed decision-making by the users of the website (Work Principles). An additional online functionality allowing publication (asking) of questions to each of the procedures has been provided as well – for discussion and clarification of the topics of interest to the users in relation to the respective articles.