Providing assistance in procedures before the Commercial Register is among the most common and typical lawyer services in the field of corporate law. Internet and the functionality for filing applications electronically by using an electronic signature made available by the Registry Agency enable me as a lawyer to provide an easily accessible option for users of the website to request and receive such legal services at a distance (online). Such option is not only convenient but also beneficial for businesses and citizens, since it allows for lower attorney fees to be charged, as well as lower state fees to be paid.

If you are planning to open a company or in need to enter changes about an already registered one and you would like to use the opportunity of requesting and receiving via the Internet a service for the implementation of the respective procedure, please read on to find out more detailed information.

How It Works?

1In order to request via the Internet a service relating to a procedure before the Commercial Register, you should visit the Request an Electronic Service page and follow the four quick and easy steps thereon.

2In the process of requesting the service you will have to provide all necessary data and information through filling in and sending a web form with detailed fields depending on the specifics of the respective procedure. You will be also required to confirm your identity – through sending a scanned copy of an ID card, passport or other similar document.

3By the end of the business day following the day of receiving the request you will be sent a reply via email, which (when positive) will contain an offer with the terms and conditions under which the requested service may be provided – amount of the due fee, time period for provision of the service, etc.

4If you agree to the terms, you will need to accept the offer – either explicitly via email or by phone, or through directly paying the due attorney fee. Unless specified otherwise in the electronic message, you will need to pay in advance the full amount of the due fee within five business days from receiving the message via a bank account to be specified in the message or through other accepted remote payment methods.

5The documents for the implementation of the respective procedure will be drafted and emailed to you within the agreed upon time period. The email message will also include detailed information and instructions on the preparation of the documentation – signing and notarization of the documents, payment of the due state fee, etc.

6You will need to sign and prepare the respective documents and email them back to me in scanned files so that I can then proceed with submitting them to the Commercial Register via the Internet through using an electronic signature – usually by the end of the business day on which they have been received. The registration takes between one and four business days – you will be informed about the result via email or by phone.

For the time being not all of the procedures relating to the Commercial Register are covered by the current electronic service and hence only part of them may be requested online, namely the most common in the practice procedures, such as registration of an LLC, registration of a Sole Proprietor, transfer of shares, management changes, change of an address, entry of other changes and additional circumstances. In future the list of procedures will be periodically updated by adding other procedures as well, including more specific ones, such as increasing the registered capital and liquidation of companies.

Online requests with regard to procedures before the Commercial Register are provided only as an alternative option for convenience of the clients – mostly for those living outside Sofia and Bulgaria. If you would like to request a service or schedule an appointment at the office, please don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, including via Viber or Skype (see below or visit the Contact page).