Holding a license or a registration certificate might be a condition to the commencement and lawful carrying out of a certain economic activity. That’s why in certain situations the registration in the Commercial Register (Registration of Companies) may not be enough by itself for the commencement and conduction of the business activity as initially planned – companies should also consider the possible need of going through certain additional licensing or registration proceedings.

General Information

Licensing, issuing permits and requiring registration for carrying out certain business activities constitute different forms of administrative control exercised by the state and local public authorities. Licenses are usually required where the respective activities are subject to stronger control mechanisms; registration is deemed to be a lighter form of administrative control; permits are issued for carrying out particular transactions or actions.

The general regulation is set forth in the Restricting Administrative Regulation and Administrative Control over Economic Activity Act, providing for the legal prerequisites to be available in order to introduce a regulatory regime. The regulatory framework for the different instances of licensing and registration regimes is set forth in numerous special laws and ordinances governing the specific social relations in a given sector.

Detailed information on procedures regarding some of the various existing registration regimes, including information about the necessary documents and costs, may be found in the articles of the Info Center – see also the links listed in the right section of the page under Related Procedures.


My particular experience is related to the successful implementation of the registration procedures listed under Related Procedures (see on the right of the page) – these are some of the registrations that I have had so far the occasion to work on. As a lawyer practicing corporate and company law I have the necessary experience and expertise to offer professional assistance in obtaining other types of registration certificates and licenses as well.

Requesting the Service

For requesting the service you need to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, so that we schedule an appointment for discussing the terms and details of the work to be assigned. Currently the service can not be requested remotely (at a distance); only a legal consultation on matters related to the various regulatory regimes can be requested online (via the Internet) – in case that you are interested in such service, please visit the Online Consultations page.

Necessary information will be provided in the process of requesting the service (at the meeting or later via phone or email).

What Does the Service Cover

The service covers full legal assistance in obtaining the registration certificate (license or other similar) necessary for the respective business activity of your company – more particularly:

preliminary consultations on the respective regulatory regime;

drafting and filing the necessary applications together with the enclosures thereto with the competent authorities;

representation before the respective public authorities;

receipt of the issued documents (licenses, certificates, etc.).

I also offer additional assistance in relation to the respective proceedings under the various regulatory regimes, such as: litigation representation in appealing refusals to allow registration, orders for withdrawal of a license or deletion of a registration, etc.; secondary recordation of changes (also as a result of Filings with the Commercial Register), etc.

Time for Completion

I prepare the necessary documentation usually within a few business days but the total time for completion of the service may vary depending on the specifics of the particular situation and the time periods provided for in the respective laws (for example, a registration of a tour operator in the Ministry of Tourism takes around 2 months from filing the application).


My fee for assistance in obtaining a registration certificate (license or other similar) is in most cases at the minimum amounts as per Ordinance No. 1 of 09.07.2004 on the minimum amounts of attorney fees. On page Fees you can find more particular information on the fees for the various types of services – including the ones for registration of a tour operator or a travel agency (400 levs) and for registration in the Central Professional Register of Builders (600 levs).

The attorney fee needs to be pre-paid – not less than 50% of the amount being due in advance.

If you want to request the above presented service or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, including via Viber or Skype (see below or visit the Contact page).