I specialize in the field of corporate and company law by offering legal services relating to all matters and stages of the existence of companies - from their formation and incorporation to their dissolution and deletion from the Commercial Register.

Detailed information has been published regarding the services for Registration of Companies, Filings with the Commercial Register, Transfer of Companies, Dissolution of Companies and Transformation of Companies - so that the website becomes as useful as possible by providing the necessary for a wider range of users information. The need to comply with an existing regulatory regime is directly related to the registration of companies and their ability to carry out a particular activity, which is why an additional service has been presented on the website, namely Licenses and Registrations.

The legal services presented and described in detail on the website are the most common situations in which clients seek my assistance in relation to the implementation of procedures in the Commercial Register, but in addition to such services I also offer assistance in relation to various other issues and matters falling under the area of corporate law and requiring special attention and individual approach.

Such additional assistance would be the litigation representation services I offer with regard to finding legal solutions to company disputes, going beyond the registration procedures in the Commercial Register, such as legal defense in court cases for receiving the respective portion of a company’s property which is due upon termination of a shareholder’s participation in a limited liability company, contesting resolutions of companies’ management bodies, appealing refusals to allow entries into the Commercial Register, etc.

Consultations are a significant aspect of my practice as a lawyer and I offer legal consultations on all issues and matters falling under the area of corporate law - not only with regard to the services already outlined above, but also with regard to other specific matters, such as changing the type of shares from regular (physical, paper) to book-entry-form and vice versa, expulsion of shareholders, declaring beneficial owners, etc.

My practice is focused on the provision of complex legal services to companies operating in Bulgaria, which is why I also offer legal assistance on matters falling under other areas of law, such as tax, employment and contract law.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, including via Viber or Skype - see the information below or visit the Contact page and send me a message through the web form thereon.