Builders carrying out constructions of first to fifth category under Art. 137, par. 1 of the Spatial Development Act or certain types of construction and assembly works, indicated in the National Classification of the Economic Activities, position Construction, are subject to registration in the Central Professional Register of Builders. The registered builders may carry out constructions of the respective group and category that they have been entered into, as well as constructions of lower category within the same group.

The Central Professional Register of Builders is public and accessible through the Internet – on the website of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. A commission is established within the Chamber for keeping, maintaining and using the Central Professional Register of Builders – such Commission is empowered to adopt decisions for entry, deletion and refusal of entry in the register. Registered builders are provided with a certificate of entry specifying the group and category of the respective constructions or certain types of construction and assembly works.

The procedure for registration of builders is regulated in detail by Art. 14 et seq. of the Act on the Chamber of Builders (Chapter Three). Further details on the procedure are contained within the Code of Rules on Recordation and Maintenance of the Central Professional Registry of Construction Companies.

The Act on the Chamber of Builders and the Code of Rules set out in detail the requirements pertaining to builders. Besides the general requirements, the Code of Rules provides also for a number of specific requirements with regard to carrying out constructions of first, second and third category (regarding the average number of personnel, net sales revenue, book value of the tangible fixed assets, production experience).

Application and Necessary Documents

The application for entering should be submitted to the Chairman of the Commission in a standard form approved by the Managing Board of the Commission. The application is filled in electronically and then printed out and together with the enclosures thereto submitted to the regional unit “Registry” of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber – either on paper medium or by being signed with an electronic signature.

When the application is submitted personally or through proxy (e.g., a lawyer), the respective applicant needs to certify his/her identity or representation powers. Proxies need to present a power of attorney in written form with notarization of the signature, except for lawyers – their power of attorney does not need to be notarized; the power of attorney should be enclosed to the application.

Builders should specify in the application the group and categories they are willing to be entered into, enclosing thereto the following documents:

Diplomas evidencing the technical legal capacity and qualification of the technical legally capable personnel;

Reference by the National Revenue Agency for the current status of all employment contracts in effect;

Information about the possessed by the builder machines, facilities and equipment for carrying out construction works by type, number and technical parameters;

Information about the held training of the person in charge of control on the observation of the healthy and safe work conditions;

Information about the number and qualification of the personnel by category;

Information about the held qualification training of the engineering-technical staff and of the workers during the last 3 years;

Information about the completed constructions by the builder during the last 3 years (by type and location) and the volume of the carried out construction;

Documents relating to the completed by the builder constructions;

Documents relating to the circumstances under Art. 16, par. 3, it. 11 of the Act on the Chamber of Builders (regarding imposed sanctions for violations of the Spatial Development Act);

Information about insurance security;

Document for paid fee for entry in the register;

Financial information from the annual financial statements for the last three years.

In numerous situations, such as in the case of carrying out constructions-immovable cultural valuables or when building/using facilities with raised danger, it would be necessary to present additional documents as well – depending on the specifics of the particular case.

The Commission requests ex officio information from the National Revenue Agency about the presence or absence of obligations under Art. 87, par. 11 of the Tax and Social Insurance Procedure Code for the respective candidate1.

Processing of the Application

The regional unit “Registry” sends the electronic form of the application, together with the enclosures thereto, on paper medium to the central unit “Registry”.

The Commission adopts a decision on allowing or refusing the registration within 14 days from the submission of the application and the enclosures thereto. The certificate of entry in the register is issued and provided to the applicant within 15 days from the submission of the application.

The certificate of entry should be received from the respective “Registry” unit by the representative of the builder or by a duly authorized by the latter third person.


Pursuant to the Fees for Services provided by the Central Professional Register of Builders with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, when using block “Initial entry in the register and issue of a certificate of entry” a fee is due in the amount of 0,1% of the Net Sales Revenue for the last financial year but not less than 1 200 Levs.

The maximum amount of the registration fee is 30 000 Levs. If the applicant fails to comply with the requirements, 90% of the paid fee will be refunded. VAT is due on the amount of the so determined fee.

Information about the due attorney fee may be found on page Fees.


1 The article has been updated on 13.01.2018 in connection with amendments to the Act on the Chamber of Builders (effective as of 01.01.2018).