One of the main goals of the website is providing an alternative and easily accessible option to use some of the most frequently provided legal services with regard to procedures before the Commercial Register. Sending requests electronically is a very convenient way for receiving other legal services as well, such as Online Consultations and Drafting of Documents.

The users of the website are enabled through the Request an Electronic Service page to send a request for the corporate law service they are interested in. The sent request is not legally binding and does not constitute an offer – it is only an inquiry which will be replied to via email with an offer (including the amount of the due fee and the time period for completion of the service) that may be accepted or not by the users. Where the users accept the offer they will have to meet the respective time limit for pre-paying the due attorney fee – via a bank transfer or through another remote payment method (specifics are to be included in the electronic message).

Where the requested work can not be undertaken (due to temporary high workload, the request falling outside the area of commercial law, etc.) users will be sent an electronic message with a reply in that sense (rejection of the request). For convenience of the users an additional functionality has been provided on the website as well – allowing online checking of the current status of the sent requests (see Online Status Check on the left side of the page).

In the process of requesting an electronic service users will need to give their names. Confirmation of the identity of the users will be only necessary when requesting the Commercial Register electronic service; such verification is to be carried out by presenting a scanned copy of an ID card, passport or other similar document. If a user fails or is unwilling to present an ID, the request may be processed (upon his/her consent) as such for preparation of the necessary documents but without their filing with the Commercial Register (users will be provided with detailed information and instructions on how to submit by themselves the application with the enclosures thereto).

More detailed information about the applicable terms and conditions and the way to request a service may be found in the Terms of Use, as well as on the page of the respective electronic service.

Requesting services online (through the website) is provided only as an alternative option for convenience of the clients. If you want to request a certain legal service and/or to schedule an appointment at the office, please don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the ways listed on the website, including via Viber or Skype (see below or visit the Contact page).